Club Memories


You walked along the promenade and toured Tvrđa and you need refreshment. Club Memories is the ideal place for you. It is located in the heart of Tvrđa where you can enjoy on the spacious terrace. Newly renovated space with a pleasant atmosphere, friendly staff, new inventory and ideal music gives you a sense of security and comfort. Even for your little best pet friends. Club Memories is also the center of nightlife for young people.


Connecting with guests and redesigning social networks. Show the offer of drinks through photography / video production and create material for promotion through graphic design.

With innovative and frequent announcements, we have raised social networks to a new level and increased the number of followers and the number of guests.

Using short videos and professional photos of the offer, we created short marketing campaigns that were based on the season. 

By pushing the boundaries and devising the “Make Memories With us” campaign, Club Memories has become a basic destination for pleasant coffees on the spacious terrace, and a great place to spend the night. 

Short video production:

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Short video production about making cocktails in the indoor bar.

Drink offer photography:

Club Memories Promo

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Nightlife photography:

Graphic design:

In addition to the digital part of our business, we also make special graphic designs that are used for promotional purposes of the object (stickers, T - shirts, posters, price list, qr code, etc.)

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