Vukovar Security


Vukovar Security d.o.o. is a company specializing in private security, founded in Vukovar in 2017. With many years of experience, it is a provider of optimal security solutions for foreign and domestic companies. With the professionalism of their employees, they provide all physical and technical protection services.

They offer video surveillance, alarm systems, fire alarm and access control.


With a modern marketing approach and the latest technical equipment show the quality offer they provide.

By redesigning the facebook and instagram page through a new layout in the protective colors of Vukovar Security and frequent announcements, we give new and potential clients a reason to work with this company. 

Frequent posts increase traffic to social sites and the website itself. We are also increasing the number of inquiries sent.


Graphic design:

In addition to promoting and running social networks, we design all types of promotional material. In this case, we have created new business cards and a booklet that will simplify and make it easier for future clients to choose from a diverse offer.

Field photography and studio photography of products:

Intro production:

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